In the past, the only way to practice MRI skills was on an actual MRI machine. But thanks to advances in technology, today’s MRI students and professionals can use online software to develop their skills, participate in ongoing education, and advance their careers.

Here’s how MRI simulation software can offer safe and reliable MRI practice.

What is MRI simulator software?

MRI software simulates the experience of a real-life MRI scanner, allowing users to sharpen their skills in a safe environment – without booking expensive equipment or taking up patients’ time. Instead, this cutting-edge software lets MRI students and current technologists level up their skills from the comfort of their computer or smart device.

Best-in-class simulators – like ScanLabMR – create exact replications of MRI scans, helping students and radiologists get valuable practice without the constraints of traditional MRI machines.

Some of the key benefits of MRI simulator technology include: 

  • Unlimited practice at any time and from anywhere
  • Safe, low-risk learning environment
  • Training replicates actual MRI experience
  • Standardized MRI training
  • Easy assessment tools for instructors
  • Multiple languages and accessibility settings available

Who can use online simulator software for MRI practice?

MRI simulator software is particularly useful for:

  • Students looking for hands-on practice to compliment their education
  • Technologists looking to brush-up their skills
  • Professionals from other radiology modalities who want to cross-train into an MRI role
  • Institutions that provide MRI education (like universities and teaching hospitals)
  • Radiology facilities that need to train and cross-train technologists or need to improve quality assurance

Designed With Educators and Managers in Mind

If you manage or teach at an organization, here are some ways that MRI software can help with your MRI practice goals.


For MRI students, online simulator software is an excellent tool to put their learnings into practice. They can test their skills in a lower-stress environment, which helps them focus and retain what they’ve learned. Instructors can easily evaluate students’ work since today’s best MRI simulator software offers real-time quantitative assessment and objective scoring. Students can then review this feedback to understand their progress and which areas need improvement.

Radiology Facilities

Online simulator software is just as valuable for existing technologists and technicians because it helps them keep up with the latest developments in MRI technology. With a platform like ScanLabMR, radiology facilities can cross-train current staff so they’re equipped to take on more responsibilities within the practice. MRI software is also excellent for hiring new technologists because it provides standardized onboarding and training across the organization.

Get MRI practice with ScanLabMR

Whether you’re a student, technologist, university, hospital, or radiology facility, MRI practice software (like ScanLabMR) can you reach your goals. We offer individual licenses and group licenses.

Discover how ScanLabMR can transform MRI practice at your organization by requesting a guided demo or a personalized quote.