Learn more about ScanLab and our products

What is ScanLabMR™, ScanLabCT™ and ScanLabMRVet™?

ScanLabMR and ScanLabCT are the first ever simulation software products that quantify and assess MRI and CT clinical competence and scan quality. Our virtual simulators are designed to help students and technologists safely and efficiently improve their skills while providing educators and managers with the tools they need to quantitatively evaluate their progress. ScanLabMRVet is a virtual MRI simulator for veterinarian educators, managers, and technologists, and is expected to launch in 2024.

Who should buy ScanLab products?

ScanLab’s primary goal is to help educators and managers more effectively and efficiently teach, train, and evaluate their students’ and technologists’ MRI and CT knowledge and scanning skills. We offer licensing for enterprise, education and clinical customers, as well as individuals. Our products are translatable to over 117 languages.

How long does my ScanLab license last?
A standard ScanLab license provides access for one (1) year (365 days from access). However, depending on your group’s package, your access length may vary. Be sure to ask your cohort manager for clarification on which package you are part of.
Can I purchase an individual ScanLab license?
Yes. Please note that access to individual ScanLab licenses are set to begin at certain dates throughout the year. To see if ScanLab is right for you, please request a quote.
Can a ScanLab license be shared?

No, a license cannot be shared. Not only does this violate our user agreement, but it also would negatively impact your individual user data that ScanLab provides in regard to your personal progress.

How do I request a demonstration of ScanLabMR and ScanLabCT?

Submit our request for demo and/or quote form. We’ll contact you to schedule a 15 minute call to learn your availability for a guided demo and your education and training goals.

How is the criteria for ScanLab software established?
ScanLabMR criteria is established and maintained by an international panel of MRI thought leaders and educational authors like Dr. Catherine Westbrook and Anne Bright.
How do I sign up for an account with ScanLab?

In order to gain access to ScanLab products, you need to have an access code provided to you by the manager of your cohort. This could be your university professor or radiology manager/lead. If you’re an individual and you’ve been accepted into the individual cohort, our team will provide you with a unique access code. Once you have your access code, watch this quick tutorial to show you how to set up your ScanLabMR account by registering and logging in. 

Are ScanLab products GDP Compliant?
Absolutely! ScanLab products are completely GDP compliant. To learn more, please contact us at questions@scanlabmr.com.
What should I do if the ScanLab software doesn't run well on my computer?

ScanLab products work best on Google Chrome. You can download Chrome here.  If you already have Chrome downloaded, please make sure that it is the most up-to-date version.

Are there any specific requirements needed to run ScanLabMR on my computer?

It’s important to remember that ScanLab products are a web based application, which means that a stable internet connection and a healthy computer is needed in order for ScanLab to perform as intended.  Our recommendation is as follows:

  • Computer:
    • A Minimum RAM/Memory of 8GB, however, 16GB RAM/Memory would be best depending on how much you store on your computer.
    • We recommend that the computer has a graphics card included (which comes relatively standard these days).
    • A Computer age of no more than 5 years old.
  • Internet
    • Ideally, a high-speed internet with an upload and download speed of 50mbps and above is recomended. 

Not sure what your internet speed is? You can go to speedtest.net to run a quick, free test.

How do I update my user settings and start using ScanLabMR™?

This quick tutorial will show you how to update your user settings and how to navigate into one of the ScanLabMR™ exams. 

I can't see my score preview in some examinations. How do I turn on SandBox Mode?

Only the cohort manager can put users into sandbox mode. Please ask your cohort manager for assistance.

I can't see my scores after I take certain examinations. What should I do?
When exams are in Sandbox mode, users are unable to go back and review their scores and feedback. Only the cohort manager can view these scores in this mode. If you would like to be able to view your scores and feedback, please contact your cohort manager and ask them to turn Sandbox Mode off.

Still have questions? Contact us at questions@scanlabmr.com.