Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does my ScanLabMR™ license last?
  • Our standard ScanLabMR™ license is good for one (1) year (365 days from access).  However, depending on your groups package, your access length may vary.  Be sure to ask your cohort manager for clarification on which package you are a part of.


      2. Can I purchase an individual ScanLabMR™ license?

  • We have begun giving access to individuals.  However, in order to simplify this new option, access to individual ScanLabMR licenses are set to begin at certain dates throughout the year.  To see if ScanLabMR is right for you as an individual, please contact    


      3. Can a ScanLabMR™ license be shared?

  • No, a license cannot be shared. Not only does this violate our user agreement, but it also would negatively impact your individual user data that ScanLabMR™ provides in regard to your personal progress. 


      4. How do I request a demonstration of ScanLabMR™?

  • Click here or reach out to us from our “Contact” page and we’ll be happy to schedule a guided demonstration for you with a member of our team.  We do not provide unsupervised demo licenses at this time.


      5. How is ScanLabMR™ criteria established?

  • ScanLabMR™ criteria is established and maintained by an international panel of MRI thought leaders and educational authors like Dr. Catherine Westbrook and Anne Bright.


      6. Can I sign up for an account with ScanLabMR™?

  • In order to gain access to the ScanLabMR™, you have to have an access code provided to you by the Manager of your cohort.  This could be your university professor or radiology manager/lead.


      7. Is ScanLabMR GDP Compliant?

  • Absolutely! ScanLabMR is completely GDP compliant.  To learn more, please contact us at


      8. What should I try if ScanLabMR™ doesn’t run well on my computer?

  • ScanLabMR™ works best on Google Chrome. You can download Chrome here.  If you already have Chrome downloaded, please make sure that it is the most up-to-date version.


      9. Are there any specific requirements needed to run ScanLabMR on my computer?

  • It is important to remember that ScanLabMR™ is a web based application, which means that a stable internet connection and a healthy computer is needed in order for ScanLabMR™ to perform as intended.  Our recommends are as follows:
    • Computer:
      • A Minimum RAM/Memory of 8GB, however, 16GB RAM/Memory would be best depending on how much you store on your computer. 
      • We recommend that the computer has a graphics card included (which comes relatively standard these days). 
      • A Computer age of no more than 5 years old.
    • Internet:
      • Ideally, a high speed internet with an upload and download speed of 50mbps and above is recommended. 
        • Not sure what your internet speed is?  You can go to to run a quick, free test.


      10. How do I setup an account or login to ScanLabMR™?


      11. How do I update my user settings and start using ScanLabMR™?

  • This quick tutorial will show you how to update your user settings and how to navigate into one of the ScanLabMR™ exams.