Who We Are

About ScanLab and Our Mission

About Us

The ScanLab Mission

“We are a group of MRI operators, educators, and radiologists who are dedicated to improving the field of MRI through innovation and technology. We have devoted our time and resources with the driving goal of eliminating the stigma associated with MRI and CT being impossible to learn. By providing tools and opportunities previously unavailable to students and current operators, we are creating a new level of MRI and CT practitioner, while making the “button pusher” mentality a thing of the past.

ScanLab products were built with passion by technologists for technologists. By educators for educators.”

– Matthew Hayes, President, and Creator

Our Products and Goals

Made for Educators and Managers

ScanLab products were designed to incite all thoughts and practices of being at the MRI and CT scanners, but without risk to patients and without time constraints in normal clinical practice that can limit the user’s learning process and skill progression.

For Educators

Our goal is to improve student outcomes and retention by providing a more efficient method for information transfer, and application of taught didactic concepts.

For Universities

Our goal is to equip radiology facilities and hospitals with the tools they need to efficiently train and cross-train new and existing staff, improve recruitment, and increase quality assurance to improve patient care.

Our Partners

Collaborations and Special Thanks

Anne Bright

B. App Sc, Grad Dip MR, MRSO (MRSOTM)

McGill University

McConnell Brain Imaging Center, Montreal Neurological Institute, Montreal, Canada

Dr Catherine Westbrook



Orlando, FL, USA

Dr. Brian Dale

Ph.D., MBA, Siemens Healthineers AG, Bavaria, Germany