Mock MRI can refer to three different things: mock MRI scanners, mock MRI simulation software, and mock MRI exam or test prep.

In this article, we breakdown all three types of mock MRI and how they can benefit students, technologists, educators and radiology managers.

What are mock MRI scanners?

Mock MRI scanners simulates the real MRI experience, including the sounds it makes. Mock MRI scanners are usually retired machines that have had most of their components and functionality removed, so they look and feel like genuine MRI scanners. Mock scanners are typically used to help patients understand what it feels like to have an MRI. They are often found in children’s hospitals, so kids can get familiar with the scanning experience in a low-risk way before having their actual MRI.

Mock machines can also be used to train MRI students and radiologists. In fact, some machines can be used in tandem with simulation software.

What is mock MRI simulation software?

Mock MRI simulator software replicates the experience of real MRI scanning in a virtual environment. MRI simulation reproduces the technology that controls MRI machines, allowing students and technologists to walk through the process of scanning and creating diagnostic images.

MRI simulator software has revolutionized MRI training by providing a safe, risk-free environment for students to learn and practice their skills – without endangering patients or dealing with the hassle of booking an MRI machine. 

Universities and hospitals rely on MRI simulation software to educate students and assess their knowledge. Radiology facilities also use MRI simulators to cross-train their teams and support quality assurance across the organization. The best part? Learners can get unlimited practice and exam preparation – from anywhere and at any time.

If you’re a student or technologist looking to advance your MRI scanning skills or an educator or manager seeking more efficient MRI education and training tools, consider ScanLabMR, the most advanced MRI simulator software on the market. Request a guided demo and get a quote.

What are mock MRI exams?

Mock MRI exams are practice tests for MRI students studying for an MRI registry exam. ImagingU, for instance, offers a stand-alone board preparation course for the ARRT MRI registry.  With unlimited access to over 1500 questions, facts, and explanations and unlimited examination attempts, you can gauge when you are ready as an individual to sit for the ARRT MRI registry. ImagingU also offers test prep for MRSO certification, MRSE certification, and more.

Visit the ImagingU website to explore what’s available and sign up t