With ScanLabMR, Akumin & Alliance Healthcare Services streamlined their cross-training program, slashing training duration by 63%. This efficiency translated into significant cost savings, reducing the training cost per trainee by $34,506. In addition, adding a competent clinician to the rotation more quickly had a staggering impact on revenue, with a recovery of $1,113,750.

Alliance’s Challenges:

The shrinking MRI workforce due to pandemic-related resignations and retirements led to massive clinical backlogs and revenue loss across the nationwide Akumin & Alliance Healthcare network. Conventional training methods were failing, hampering technologist growth and creating inconsistencies in skills.

The ScanLabMR Solution:

Akumin & Alliance introduced an intensive, immersive ScanLabMR training program spanning 16 weeks. Through didactic education, virtual simulations, and structured on-site training, technologists gained unmatched confidence and competence compared to other cross-training methods. Trainees raved about their preparedness, emphasizing ScanLabMR’s role in refining their skills.


ScanLabMR accelerated technologists’ entry into the workforce by 27 weeks compared to traditional methods. This meant significant savings in training costs and an impressive revenue recovery, making ScanLabMR the cornerstone of innovative, ROI-driven training.  


Reduction in Training Duration


Reduction in Cost Per Training


Recovered Revenue