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ScanLab offers the world’s first MRI and CT simulators that quantify and assess clinical competence and scan quality


The First Ever Quantitative Simulators

ScanLab’s MRI and CT simulator software helps students safely and efficiently improve their skills while providing educators and managers with the tools they need for objective clinical assessment. With ScanLab, MRI and CT operators can gain a meaningful experience that would normally take months or years to acquire.


MRI simulator software for education, training, and skill assessment.


CT simulator software for education, training, and skill assessment.


Veterinary MRI simulator software for education, training, and skill assessment.

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Unlike Any Simulator On The Market

Safe, risk-free, and efficient virtual learning

ScanLab replicates realistic MRI and CT scans and clinical situations, producing the exact images that would be achieved in real MRI and CT.  This gives educators and managers the tools they need to efficiently educate and train their students and staff without risk to the patient or clinical schedule, and without the cost of utilizing real scanners.

Unlimited practice anywhere, anytime

Since ScanLab is accessible on any computer with an internet connection, users can learn remotely and practice as much as they need. What used to take students and technologists months or years to learn in a clinical setting, can now be achieved in days from the convenience of a laptop!

Quantitative assessments with feedback

ScanLab tests user knowledge and scanning skills with objective, real-time quantitative assessments. This allows users and educators to pinpoint the areas where additional support is needed and assign practice until competency is improved. Managers can also use ScanLab to evaluate and improve quality assurance for their department.

Assessment scores benchmarked against the highest standard of excellence

With criteria that’s established and maintained by an international panel of thought leaders and educational authors like Dr. Catherine Westbrook and Anne Bright, ScanLab’s software reflects the most up-to-date knowledge and guidelines in the industry.

Evaluations for recruitment, career advancement, and job application

ScanLab’s specialized and clinically validated hiring assessments helps students and technologists improve job placement potential while enabling managers to recruit new staff more efficiently.

Translatable to 117 languages

ScanLab offers licensing for enterprise, education, and clinical customers as well as individuals. Our products are translatable to over 117 languages for maximum accessibility.

Proven Success at Universities and Healthcare Facilities

ScanLab was designed with the tools educators and managers need to teach and train effectively.


Casa Loma Case Study

Students at Casa Loma College in Van Nuys, CA who used ScanLabMR had a 60% faster clinical scanning onset while the university had a 7% increase in graduation rate, resulting in a revenue gain of:


Alliance Case Study

Technologists at Alliance who used ScanLabMR with ImagingU MRI  education had a 63% faster training duration, resulting in a reduction of backlogged exams, increasing revenue within 27 weeks by:


Trusted By Leading Institutions Around the World


 What Industry Leaders Are Saying

Dr Catherine Westbrook EdD, MSc, PgC, DCRR, FHEA

“ScanLabMR is a really exciting new development in the assessment of MRI competency. For the first time, you can test your ability to prescribe and angle slices and manipulate protocol parameters in a range of different MRI examinations, all from the comfort of your own home, college or workplace. ScanLabMR not only gives you a score, but also feedback on where you went wrong and how you can improve. A great educational and practical tool!”

Anne Bright, B. App Sc, Grad Dip MR, MRSO (MRSOTM), Author: Planning and Positioning in MRI

“ScanLabMR is a great leap forward in MRI education for the Medical Imaging Technologist, enabling an “operator” to learn and test their skills with a virtual patient. The commitment of Matthew to ensuring that the software is clinically relevant by consulting with experienced operators, researchers and educators across the globe has resulted in a valuable educational resource that tests knowledge of MRI safety, pulse sequence parameters and scan coverage and alignment. In the socially distant world ScanLabMR provides a means for staff to learn and employers to assess potential employees before they are contracted to commence working.”

Sonja K. Boiteaux MSRS, RT(R)(MR), MRSO, CHC SMRT 2021 President-elect, 2020 ISMRT Crues-Kressel Award Honoree, 2019-Present ISMRT North America Chapter Acting President

“When I began teaching MRI in 2000, I immediately identified that education in a laboratory-style setting was needed for MR educational programs. The quest for a robust MR simulator is finally over. The collaboration and support of the ScanLabMR team is unparalleled. The ScanLabMR team is open and receptive to our feedback, and is constantly improving their product to ensure our students have the best experience possible.”

Darren Hudson BSc(hons) MHSc PgCert MRI Clinical Lead MRCS

“A-M-A-Z-I-N-G… what I’ve been waiting for!! ScanLab is a powerful tool with real potential to revolutionize how we objectively assess staff competence, performance and ability, as well as test their critical thinking and understanding behind aspects of clinical decision making. As a training tool it allows learners to practice scanning in a safe space and to make those mistakes we’ve all made but without impact on the patient or delaying operational productivity. It could better prepare those new to MRI to the core principles behind scan technique and help expedite getting their hand-eye coordination in for slice manipulation. I’m truly excited to see where this goes.”

Elisabeth Ioele Bsc (Hons), PgC (MRI), MRSO (MRSC™) Senior Lecturer Diagnostic Radiography

“Since its introduction to the University of the West of England BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography programme, ScanLabMR has significantly enriched the learning experience for our Undergraduate students. This innovative tool has provided an invaluable platform for hands-on learning, enabling students to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a safe learning environment. The commitment of the ScanLabMR team to continuous improvement and their openness to feedback have ensured a seamless integration into the programme. This has not only enhanced educational outcomes but also ensured that they meet the stringent registration guidelines set by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) to prepare them for clinical practice.”

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Looking for online MRI courses and didactic learning? Check out our sister company, ImagingU, or inquire about our bundled ScanLab and ImagingU programs.