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ScanLabMRTM is a revolutionary breakthrough in MRI skill assessment and education through simulation.

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ScanLabMRTM is the first quantitative MRI thought simulator that is able to improve and assess clinical competence and scan quality. Unlike other simulators, ScanLabMRTM incites all thoughts and practices usually experienced only at the MRI scanner – without risk to the patient or the clinical schedule. With ScanLabMRTM, the user will gain a meaningful experience and knowledge that previously has taken months/years to acquire.

Slice Quant ScanLabMR

Key benefits of ScanLabMR’s imaging simulation software:

  • Exact replication of real MRI scanning
  • Unlimited practice anywhere, anytime
  • Performance assessments and feedback
  • Evaluation scores benchmarked against an established standard of excellence for job applications and career advancement
  • Endorsed by two of the most prominent publications for MRI education

Universities, hospitals and radiology facilities around the world are currently using ScanLabMR to improve:

  • MRI education, quality, and testing
  • MRI cross-training to grow their workforce
  • MRI staffing, hiring, and recruitment
  • Organization wide quality assurance and clinical consistency 

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